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Our team of trainers are highly qualified and expert both in the field of Aviation and in the art of teaching and teacher training. The courses are conducted by highly qualified teachers who are familiar with aviation. We also employ specialists in the field of radio communication, aircraft engineering, pilots, and ground instructors in relevant aviation subjects.

The company is managed by Yola Foister – a comparative philologist with over 30 years’ experience in corporate language training and course design. She has designed courses in the field of aviation, agriculture, oil and gas technology, construction engineering and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Yola has an extensive experience of the legal industry (criminal and employment law). She is a private pilot with international experience, an ICAO Rater of English Language Proficiency for Aviation personnel, and has hands on experience in light aircraft engineering as well as car mechanics.


I recommend Yola Foister for specialist one to one tuition.

She is particularly good at adapting a crash course to suit one's particular professional needs and explains the linguistic complexities with application and when necessary – a good deal of humour!

Yola Foister brought the language to life and helped me to gain confidence with my pronunciation in particular.

Yola Foister enabled me to make rapid and enjoyable progress in what at first sight appeared to be an impossibly difficult task.

The course has been designed to suit my specific needs and Yola has demonstrated great skill and flexibility in her approach, choice of materials and teaching techniques. Yola's techniques and personal enthusiasm have been very successful in my learning.

Ellie was one of the very best teacher trainers I ever had the pleasure to watch

The Teacher Training (English for Aviation) has been designed by Eleanor Spicer-Lundholm together with aviation communication professionals. She has more than thirty years’ experience in English Language Teaching and Teacher Training. She has extensive experience as a tutor on the Cambridge University CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programmes. She is also an External Assessor on the former scheme. Currently, she is based in the UK but has previously worked in Scandinavia, Central Europe, and in the Middle East. Her professional life has seen her travel to more than twenty countries in all. Eleanor has presented at international events, has an article published in the IH Journal (Spring edition 2011), and is featured teaching on a number of DVD productions including that which accompanies the award winning Pearson Longman publication ‘Practice of English Language Teaching’ by Jeremy Harmer (2007). Eleanor’s special area of interest lies in pronunciation and the contribution that research into English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has made in the pursuit of parity with regard to so-called ‘non-native’ and ‘native’ teachers of English.